Mirte DocumentationΒΆ

Mirte (Mirte, an Inspiring Robot for Technology Education) is yet another robot developed for education. Robotics, due to the its multidisciplinary nature, is a good way to teach about STEM eduction. This is why a lot of robotics kits have been developed already. So why yet another? We believe that robotic kits for education should be cheap, open source, not only focus on the software, have as few custom parts as possible, and should be useful from primary/elementary school all the way to university. Getting you to the next level in each discipline step by step.


from Blockly to Python to ROS


from custom PCB with Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040), to breadboard with STM32/Arduino


from wooden frame to own made (3D printed) frames


from cute to purely functional

pic1 pic2