Using another MCU

Prepare microcontroller

As mentioned during the software installation the Mirte robot needs some software on the microcontroller to work. Mirte uses a modified version of the Telemetrix protocol for this. This step is only needed when you have another MCU then the Raspberry Pi Pico (i.e. STM32, Arduino Nano, or Arduino Uno).

From the terminal you can upload Telemetrix by executing:

mirte$ cd /usr/local/src/mirte/mirte-install-scripts
mirte$ ./ upload_stm32 Telemetrix4Arduino

You can also upload to Arduino Nano (both new and old bootloader) and Arduino Uno. In that case replace ‘upload_stm32’ with ‘upload_nano’, ‘upload_nano_old’, or ‘upload_uno’.

After this one still needs to configure the robot to match the pins of the MCU as described in Configure Mirte.